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Exciting News!!!

Exciting news!!! On-line Seminar to French Graduate Students

As part of an on-going effort of the University Outreach & International Programs (link here) and the Department of Entomology (link here) to strengten an agreement of cooperation between UC Davis and Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon (INAPG) (link here), Walter Leal just presented an on-line seminar to French graduate students. After explaining some aspects of the molecular basis of pheromone perception in insects, Walter Leal discussed details of olfaction with French students. Prof. Frederic Marion-Poll was the moderator and organizer at the French end. Leal presented his lecture at 8 AM (April 30) while more than 25 French graduate students packed the cozy seminar room at INAPG a few minutes before the lecture started at 5 PM (French time).

Leal Lab participates in the 14th Undergraduate Research Conference link here. Three undergraduate students, Chris Pagan (his video is here), Angela Chen (her video is here), and Melissa Hardstone (her video is here), gave oral presentations and discussed their researches with some of the participants (see some of the participants in a video here)

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